About Us

Eagle Eye Monitoring Systems was an idea that started in the summer of 2012, with an electrical engineer sitting on a tractor planting corn and a cattle rancher fixing a fence line just across the street. The problem was “how do we keep the cattle in their fence or can we create something that will tell us if the cattle get out?” The solution was Eagle Eye Monitoring Systems. We worked together to produce a prototype of the mobile fence link and beta tested the unit for a year to work out the bugs. Now we have a successful finished product that is being used not just in the agricultural industry but also in the security alarm industry, and being tested in other industries as of this date.

We are now producing products for multiple monitoring solutions in the agriculture sector, security sector, and private sector. We are discovering more monitoring solutions every day.

We are Farmers Helping Farmers!

We are located in Quincy Washington just off of I-90, right in the middle of the heart of the Columbia basin project. Surrounded by irrigated farming, orchards, dry land farming, multiple livestock operations and even some sagebrush to remind us that we are still in the high desert. We operate on a 1000 acre irrigated farm, raising crops, fencing cattle and working on innovative solutions to common farmer/rancher problems. Eagle Eye monitoring systems products are developed with the farmer in mind because not only are we engineers we are farmers as well. We use these products on a daily basis on our own farm equipment.

Precision Agriculture Today for Tomorrow’s Issues.

We have teamed up with specialists in the security alarm industry that share in our vision. We have also teamed up with our local state university to reach out into the precision agriculture research community. Our team consists of electrical engineers, farmers, electricians, ranchers, mechanical engineers and web designers all coming together to solve today’s common problems with tomorrow’s innovative solutions.