Cellular Alarm

Eagle Eye Monitoring Systems Cellular AlarmLet the Cellular Alarm Monitor Your Irrigation Equipment!

Have your cell phone tell you if your pump just shut down!!

Eagle Eye Monitoring Systems developed the Cellular Alarm to allow farmers
and orchardists to keep an eye on their irrigation pump, water tank levels, and/or any other equipment. It will text your cell phone
 if the following occur:

  • If the equipment shuts off
  • If the equipment turns on
  • If there is a power loss for any reason
  • Works even if the monitor loses power

The Way It Works

The Cellular Alarm is a small cellular device that is wired into the panel of the irrigation pump. It works on all makes and models utilizing the control voltage circuit.

What sets Us Apart

What sets the Cellular Alarm apart from other monitoring devices is that it has a battery backup.

Power Outage

If there is a power outage, the Cellular Alarm still works! And will immediately notify you that a power loss has just occurred.

No More Wondering,“Is my pump still running?” You now have 24/7 monitoring with or without power!