Perimeter Security Electric Fence Sensor

Eagle Eye Monitoring Systems Electric Fence SensorRelax knowing the Electric Fence Sensor is Adding a Whole New Layer of Security to your Property!

The Electric Fence Sensor is being used worldwide in perimeter security systems in industrial and residential settings. This can be added to existing security systems or setup as a stand-alone system.

  • Detects voltage from 100v up to 25,000v
  • Detects voltage drops
  • Power loss on the electric fence
  • Designed to not false alarm

The Way the Electric Fence Sensor Works

This highly tuned device detects the amount of voltage on an electric fence. It determines if there is a voltage drop or if voltage has been cut all together. If the monitor detects that there has been a drop in voltage or no voltage it closes a set of dry normally open contacts for the respective alarm.

What Sets Our Electric Fence Sensor Us Apart

The Electric Fence Sensor can easily be added to existing security systems or setup as a stand-alone system adding another layer of security.

No False Alarms With Our Electric Fence Sensor

The fence sensor is designed not to send false alarms. If weeds are touching the fence due to wind and ground out the fence wire momentarily, the fence sensor will not send out an alarm unless the voltage stays low for over 2 minutes. (This time is adjustable)