Livestock Electric Fence Monitor – Mobile Fence Link

Let the Mobile Fence Link Protect Your Livestock!

The Mobile Fence Link is designed to monitor your electric fence and water basin. It detects if the fence gets broken, gets grounded out, if power goes out on your fence charger, or if your water gets too low. If any of the following conditions occur, an alarm will sound and you will receive a text message on your cell phone.

  • Electric fence is broken
  • Electric fence is grounded out
  • Power loss on the electric fence
  • Water basin is low
  • Works even if the monitor loses power

Peace of Mind 

Relax knowing that your fence is up and operational, protecting your animals, and confident your animals have water.

Control Over Theft 

If someone cuts the fence or drops the fence to steal your livestock, you will be notified immediately.

Litigation Issues Put to Rest

You will know immediately when the fence is broken by the Mobile Fence Link instead of an officer of the law. The Mobile Fence Link can be a lifesaver in consideration of the cost of your animals and the possibility of vehicle damage or injuries if the animals get loose on roadway, with YOU the animals owner  deemed at fault and liable for all damages.

Reduced Man Power Costs 

Save money, fuel, fines, insurance, veterinary bills and the man power it takes when livestock gets loose and harmed or killed by traffic. Alleviate having to deal with upset motorists, police, lawyers, veterinarians, and upset hired help all in the middle of the night. The Mobile Fence Link allows you to take action 6-7 hours before you or the livestock would have even know the fence is down.

Livestock Well Being

If the watering basin is broken, or the water supply stops flowing, you will be notified as soon as the water level drops to the lower limit. This alleviates worry of cattle breaking the watering basin, or water getting too low.

Power Outage Protection

If there is a power outage the Mobile Fence Link still works and will notifies you that a power loss has just occurred. Once power is established, the Mobile Fence Link will notify you again stating power is back on.

Let the Mobile Fence Link protect your livestock!  Have your cell phone tell you, ”Broken Fence”, “Down Wire”, “Power Outage”,  or “Low Water”!